Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Back!! (New Mexico Haul and Pics!)

Hey everyone! So I'm finally back from New Mexico which was really fun and beautiful and wanted to show you some pictures of how gorgeous it really is! We did a lot of amazing things like white water rafting and horseback riding in the desert! For the haul part of this, I'm not showing you guys to brag about the stuff I got but to show you how talented Native Americans are in jewelry making and how beautiful their pieces are. So I hope you enjoy! 

Sandia Peaks the world's longest tramway!
it was scaryyy

beautiful mountains :)

Me at the top of Sandia Peaks :) 

Native American art festival in Santa Fe.
Gorgeous jewelry but soo expensive!
Native American dancing, amazing clothing!

My brother and I near a natural waterfall
The amazing pueblo we visited

Now for the things I got...
A red stone bear necklace and turquoise one
as well as a turquoise stone one (all are genuine
stones). Bears symbolize strength and mean
a lot to their culture

Genuine leather large coin purses
that are gorgeous! Two turquoise
medallions that I'm going to make a
necklace, and a bear sculpture thing lol
Awesome turquoise ring :) 

Turquoise and silver engraved bracelet and
a cool beaded pin
Pottery bowl I made when my mom and I
took a pottery lesson (don't laugh I know
I suck lol)
A really nice boutique I came across in Santa Fe
that had a HUGE sale on really nice designer things!
L to R: Joie, Vintage 1 Jeans, Patterson J. Kincade 

Sorry for so many photos, but I just thought it was all so interesting! Hope you enjoyed everyone! 

Thanks for reading :) 


  1. great pics!! it look like u had a lot of fun! I love native american got a lot of nice things

  2. Nice pictures and lovely haul!:D Unique jewelry, btw.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Great pictures hun!!I liked the jewelery so much!!They look so unique!!!

  4. thanks so much everyone, really appreciate it!

  5. Cute blog! And I agree, their jewelry is really pretty; I especially love the turquoise colors :)