Monday, May 30, 2011

Splendid Shadows

Left to Right:
-MAC Talent Pool ($14.50)
-Pixi No.3 Nude Nouveaux ($14.00)
-NARS Bali ($23.00)

These are some of the most beautiful and pigmented shadows I have ever come across!

Talent Pool is a gorgeous shimmering aqua with a hint of green reflects. I almost never wear colors in the blue family, but it is perfect for summer and would look stunning on brown eyes. Because it is so bright and I tend to stay with neutral shades, I run this along my lower lashline for a pop of color.

Bali is clearly the most pigmented of the three, and the most expensive. Although the price makes me cringe, I was lucky enough to receive it as a holiday present. Yet having used it I personally think it is worth the price tag. The packaging is adorable, the case is hard to describe, it is hard with this rubbery feel, and comes with a convenient mirror inside. It's a pure matte rich dark brown that is essential in every collection and its quality is outstanding.

Nude Nouveaux I bought on a whim. I had swatched the shadow in Target and thought it was so wonderfully velvety that I had to have it. I am obsessed with shimmery champagne shadows so I thought this would just add to the many I already have but I was dead wrong. This is my "holy grail" eyeshadow! I try to branch out to my other shadows but I always end up using this one practically every day. This shadow is magical; I can use it all over my lid during the daytime as it runs gold/champagne with a hint of pink, or at night where it somehow turns a slight silver tone perfect with jet black liner. AHHHH i love this!

Thanks for reading :) 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recent Bits and Bobs :)

Hey everyone!
My life has been beyond hectic and my blog has become the neglected victim :( But I decided to try something new today and make a video to show you all some new products that I have been trying out lately. Please watch the video and let me know what you think, enjoy! P.S. I KNOWWW my camera is terrible quality :/ but I just enjoyed making this video, if you like the regular posts better, or maybe a combo please let me know!!