Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Quads

Hey everyone! I know the attention of these have kind of died down lately, but I have seen some interest in them still, so here's my review on the Maybelline Eyestudio shadow quads. 
The one I own is in #10 Mad for Mauve: 

Colors in the Quad (all very shimmery): 
1) Light pink/champagne color 
2) Darker pinky purple color 
3) Olive and emerald green color 
4) Maroon color 

Each quad runs for between $7-10 at drugstores. 

From the image of the quad, the colors are really shimmery and pretty, which is why I was so drawn towards it in the first place. I know you shouldn't do this (so shhh) but before I bought it, I opened and swatched it haha. And as you can tell from the image of the shadows on my fingers they look so pigmented and I just couldn't resist. I thought, "wow, I found really pigmented, shimmery, gorgeous colors... at the drugstore!" But as you can tell from the swatches on my arm, they tend to lose their pigmentation as soon as they're blended just slightly. And when I blended them out further, they had no staying power and quickly turned into what was basically tinted glitter. On my eyes the same thing happens, along with some fallout, even when I wear primer. Even when I really pack it on, the intensity fades quickly throughout my day, and when I next look in the mirror, I usually see just shimmer. One thing I might try is applying it wet, which is annoying and more time consuming, but I'll let you guys know if it works out any better. 

One thing I really do like about this product though, is that it comes with a dual ended foam applicator, and although I don't like to use them, one end is a very tapered applicator that I found good for in the crease or lashlines. 

So overall, I would not purchase this again but I definitely recommend it for people just starting to get into makeup who want to practice with shimmery, decently pigmented shadows, although they don't last long. As well, I like the fact that they come in several color sets so I think most people will be able to find one that suits them. 

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