Sunday, August 1, 2010

Housing Works

Hey everyone! So this weekend I went to the city and for the first time went to this amazing store called Housing Works. It's a thrift shop in the city and they have a website and a few locations, so I'll list them at the end of this post. Although all of their stuff wasn't amazing (which is common with thrift shops), they had a lot of really awesome stuff for even more awesome prices! Even better, they had a 35% off everything sale so I couldn't resist. Here are the two things I got: 

Juicy Couture hoodie it's so warm and only
$30 (not including discount) 

Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt only
$20 (not including discount)

So you can see how amazing some of their stuff is. They also had lovely bags, shoes, and jewelry for really cheap! My total was only $32.50 and I can't even guess how much it would have been if these clothes were at their original prices. Here's the link to their website and locations:

Thanks for reading :) 

P.S. sorry for how poorly spaced/sized this post is even when I rearranged it and tried it fix it, it just wouldn't change :/ 


  1. I LOVE juicy! A new shop opened near me in the UK I love the perfume viva la juicy. I'm an addict :)
    Cute top!

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    beautiful t-shirt

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  5. sounds like your having fun xxxx

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  7. Wow really cool stuff. Love it.

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  11. I love the white hoodie, I'm looking for one like that but maybe a bit longer...

  12. thanks! and yea I'm sure you could find something like what you're looking for

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