Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Hey everyone! This is my review on the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. 

Get rid of oily skin.

What is this?
thin, blue rubbery sheets 

What does it do?
removes excess oil and shine from your face without ruining your makeup* 
* because I don't wear foundation, I can't vouch for the product not ruining my makeup, but I've seen reviews that it doesn't 

How much does it cost? 
between $5-6 

Where can I get it? 

How do I use it? 
blot it over the oily parts of your skin and, although it's gross, the blue sheet has see-through spots where it absorbed the most oil so you know it's working 

How many sheets does it come with? 
50 sheets 

Is the packaging practical? 
really practical; the inside flap has a sticky piece of tape that picks up a new sheet for you every time you open it 

Would I buy this again? 
YES! and I already have a couple of times, it removes the oil from my face extremely well and unless I'm sweating, the oil stays gone for the rest of the day. Of course, if you have more extreme oiliness this won't be 


  1. I keep one of these in all my purses!! LOVE!

    really lovely blog :)

    cheers, Jesa

  2. I love them too
    and thank you so much! :)

  3. probably the best invention ever! :) I use these all the time. You can also use a toilet seat cover as well if you forget them. xo

  4. haha that's such a funny idea i love it!

  5. Oh I forgot to say... these sheets don't remove or ruin your makeup, I've used them numerous times and my makeup (foundation, concealer, blush etc) looked great afterwards! ;)