Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Hey everyone! Here are some pictures and my review on the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. I don't have nearly all the popular colors (including Black Bean and Milk :/ but I plan on getting them!) but hopefully this will inspire you to get some colors you might not have yet. Also, I'm really sorry that these photos are so crappy but this is my first time taking pictures of swatches and my camera spazzed just a little lol. Well I hope you enjoy! 

With flash 

no flash 
no flash 

Pots & Pans 

French Fries 

-The jumbo eye pencils are basically thick eyeliners that can serve as bases, liners, and as creamy shadows.

- They run for $4 dollars each at and Harmon drugstores but are discounted at websites like 

-In almost 30 colors, there's no way you won't find what you're looking for. I like them because they are so easy to use and to me, they just seem like easy to use makeup essentials. 

-As you can probably see from the pictures, they don't all have the same amount of pigmentation, but they are all creamy, blendable, and buildable to an extent depending on the shade. 

-I didn't include photos of them blended out because they barely moved (which is a good thing!) 

- Tend to crease somewhat during the day (I reccommend using powder shadow over) 

- My main con with these are that, especially in the warm weather, they are super fragile. Even though I keep mine in a dark cool place, they still sometimes break when I'm using them. Because they are creamy I can blend them back together but it's still frustrating 

-They come off decent with makeup remover 

1) Slate 
- good substitute for Black Bean 
- very dark grey with silver shimmer 
- very good pigmentation (2 strokes in picture) 

2) Pots & Pans 
- metallic silver 
- good pigmentation (4 strokes in picture) 

3) Oyster 
- blue-toned shimmery pinky purple 
- decent pigmentation ( about 6 or 7 strokes in picture) 

4) Lavender 
- shimmery true lavender shade 
- very good pigmentation (2 strokes in picture) 

5) French Fries 
- coppery brown color with gold shimmer 
- amazing pigmention (just one stroke in picture) 

Thanks for reading :)  

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  1. The French Fries one looks amazing! :) Thanks for the swatches! :)