Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aqua and Pink Look

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while, but school just started for me again this week and it's been really hectic. Because I'm in such a crucial year of school this year, I might not be having as frequent posts as I'd like but I'm going to try my best! Although it might not be fitting of the season I created this really fun look that I hope you all enjoy, it's great for a fun night out or just for playing around with makeup! 
Another thing, this look has both bright eyes and lips, so if that's too much for every day use, just use one or the other (ie neutral eye with bright lip or vise versa)! 

With a primed lid, pack on a shimmery silver
or white shadow all over the lid. With a
tapered brush run the color along the lower
lash line as well 

For a little bit of definition, place a slightly
darker silver shade in the crease and blend
well. Make sure the impact of the light
silver is still present

With a vivid aqua liquid liner, line your upper
lash line; I know this doesn't look great...
I fixed it after :) 
Line your waterline with a black pencil and
coat your lashes generously with mascara.
This is optional, but I placed some of the 
silver shadow used in the beginning on top
of the black liner 

Apply a hot pink lipstick to your lips 

Place a pink blush on your cheeks. Then with
 the silver shadow used on your lid, highlight
your cheek bones... and you're done!

Products Used: 
Eyes: Sephora Shadow in Aspen Summit for lid color       
            Coastal Scents 88 Palette for crease color 
Liner: Jemma Kidd Liquid Liner in Covert 
            Rimmel Special Eyes in Black Magic 
Mascara: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara 
Cheeks: Sephora Blush in Rose Abricot 
             Sephora Shadow in Aspen Summit for highlight 
Lips: Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Candy 

Thanks for reading :) 
P.S. If you look in my info box on the side of my blog is my email ( I'm always willing to accept any questions, comments, or requests you might have! 

Me being silly lol :) 


  1. This is a really gorgeous look. I love a bright liner and pink lip. I wish I had those freckles.

  2. thanks so much!! i'm glad you like the look :)

  3. Beautiful look! :) I love the color of the eyeliner! ;)

  4. thanks so much! it's a great eyeliner, literally lasts all day!

  5. WOW! Your makeup is flawless! I am so jealous lol :)

    feel free to check out my blog:

  6. beautiful look. I would love to see a skincare post of what you use it looks flawless.
    I'm follower no 95 :) xx

  7. thanks so much nicoletta! and yea im planning on doing one very soon!