Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey everyone! For my prom last March, I bought this gorgeous lip gloss at Sephora ($26) to match my hot pink BCBG dress. Lancome advertised this gloss as a medium coverage gloss and I agree. It seems a bit sheer at first which is frustrating because the color looks so phenomenal in the tube, but with a few more coats you can build it up pretty well. It is not a sticky, heavy feeling gloss at all which I love, and it has a wonderful floral perfume fragrance. What's most interesting about this gloss though is the applicator. It's a tear drop-shaped foam applicator which I find picks up the product well but isn't necessarily better than a standard applicator. It actually bends very easily on the wand, which makes me feel like it's going to fall off haha, and personally I like firmer brush applicators when I can find them. But overall, the color is so fun and sparkly, while the medium coverage makes it more wearable so I loveee this gloss! This gloss comes in 14 shades. 

Thanks for reading :) 


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